Europe has always been in my bucket list and Paris is the first city that I wanted to see. I’ve seen it countless times, -in my friends FB and Instagram feeds; but I felt like I had to experience it first hand. . While backpacking in Europe is considered a norm; doing it with a very active and curious toddler is quite a challenge. Our itinerary wasn’t really fixed; it was more of ‘lets see what happens’….We spent three full days in Paris during the first part of the holiday. It was quite hot and and we did lots of walking. I did no part in figuring out which transportation to use., my husband  took care of this tedious part. After Paris, we visited Belgium, Germany, Czech Republic and Austria. Before heading back home, we spent another 3 days in Paris and we were blessed with a cooler weather. It was heavenly; I miss it already..I remember it as being so vibrant.. pleasantly chaotic with  people walking and biking everywhere and getting on and off trains. Add to that the sound of police siren every few minutes or so. For some reason i love this but it gets to you and you kinda just miss it.  We lost some photos of Paris, especially those at the Eiffel Tower. Until now Im hoping that one of these days, I’ll get an email from an unknown person saying they found our lost SD card Of Paris and Belgium.

First day was spent exploring the Sacre Coeur and Montmartre areas.

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