After two years of waiting; the much anticipated delivery of Model 3 finally materialized the day before mother’s day. Great, isn’t it? I was very excited despite not really knowing yet how it functions and how to manage the controls . The Model 3 is replacing a car which is a few months older than my 14 year old daughter, hence the excitement.

On the day of delivery, we drove my beloved 14 year old Civic to the delivery center in Manila del Rey. We were greeted by a guard/valet who took my name and appointment and instructed us to park and head to the office entrance. It’s complimentary valet, btw.   The personnel at the front desk took my name and promptly informed of us of the expectations . We were guided to the showroom- where about 2 dozen Teslas were waiting to be inspected  by the prospective owners.  Then we saw her.. in the middle row, this pearl white beauty that sparkled and beckoned  to be explored. We just knew it was her .


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Fernando, the guy who helped us during the little orientation and profile set up was just perfectly thorough. I think we spent more time taking photos with our car than fiddling with it.




After about  thirty minutes or so in the showroom , we were directed to the main office for contract signing . Not a lot of paper work- buying a house is definitely more stressful at ‘closing’. Contract signing was done in less than 15minues after which we were encouraged to listen to this 20 minute presentation while they made copies of the contract .

My 2 yo old  daughter had fun playing in the kids room while we waited to complete the signing process . They also offered free snacks and coffee. Great customer service, I would say. After the 20 minute presentation, we headed to the parking lot where our Model 3 was parked ready to be taken for a ride .



After a few minutes of fixing the car seat for my daughter, my husband drove out of the Tesla Parking lot .


We are Civic-Odyssey kind of people. Getting a car like the Model 3 is definitely a novelty and a  cause for celebration.


Truth be told, I don’t really know a lot about this car, or cars in particular. My husband somehow convinced me on the economics of it.. and how it would save gas , the environment , the driver aids.. auto pilot feature , etc. and I have  nothing to compare it with except for my reliable 14 year old Civic ; but all I know is, the drive was smooth and quiet during the entire ride. It felt luxurious . My husband kept saying ‘woohoo’ during the first few minutes of the drive. I can say that he was really happy . He said it more than lived up to the hype. ( so far, I should say right?)

Here’s a little photoshoot that we did  on our first day of adventures with Mrs T.

Marina del Rey


Vasquez Rocks



Of course, I am claiming this event as the best Mother’s Day ever.

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