Visiting New Zealand while 3 months pregnant is very challenging. I don’t  know how I managed to survive the 18-hour long trip from LAX to Wellington while suffering from airsickness.I was heaving almost the entire course of the flight (and back).

Other than that, I had a wonderful time.  From LAX, first stop in the itinerary is Wellington. My sister and her hubby lives in Wellington. I timed my visit so I can attend my brother in law’s induction as a solicitor in the Court of  New Zealand.

Sculpture by Paratane Matchitt at the City to Sea Bridge in Wellington


A quick visit to the Museum of New Zealand .


My brother in law, strolling along the sidewalk of the Old Court where he  was going to be inducted as a solicitor.


Visited and old town in Greytown


Passed by this beautiful scenery on our way to Castlepoint. In March, weather in Wellington is windy with lots of rain showers throughout the week.

A bit of a drive from Wellington, but Castlepoint Lighthouse is worth a visit.

The Beehive behind the Old Court and the Sacred Heart Church in Wellington.

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